Pemex Global Consultancy Web Technologies and Concepts

The World Wide Web (or “Web”) is a hypertext and hypermedia information system built on top of the Internet. Web clients and Web servers communicate via HTTP and exchange documents and information that is formatted with HTML and XML. The Web browser interface has made a world of information available to everyone. Hypermedia and hypertext is nonlinear information, presented to users in a way that lets them jump from one reference to another with the click of a button. This has created a global library of instantly available information.

On the application development side, distributed object computing technologies and Web-based languages such as Java have changed the way that applications are designed and developed. Wireless technologies are making the Web more available to people wherever they are. Bluetooth and wireless PANs (personal area networks) let people in the same vicinity create spontaneous wireless networks to exchange information. This is “edge-of-the-Internet” networking. Collaborative computing, messaging, groupware systems, unified messaging, instant messaging, videoconferencing and related technologies help people stay in touch and work together over long distances.

Web appliances, Webcasting, embedded systems, and voice telephony, along with improved bandwidth and many other new technologies are making the Web more exciting. Refer to the following topics for more information.



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